Class: 2 – 4 (4+ at flood)
Length: 3.1km from top to Lodge, another 5.1km to OUT 1, another 4.4km to N1 bridge, OUT 2.
Gradient: 8m/km to Lodge, 14.3m/km for middle section and 11.4m/km for final section to N1.
Character: Continuous with swift flowing pools, no drop higher than 1m, bottom section sometimes braided and fast with strainers and at high levels some solid holes.
Level: 4 – 40+ cumecs.
Gauge: If the Wittenberg rain gauge has had more than 8mm you can try your luck – DWAF gauge H1E011.
Duration: 15 minutes for top section, 25 minutes for middle section and 30 minutes for bottom section.
Dams: None – this river rises very fast and drops quickly too.

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