Happy New Year to everyone! I trust that the year went in smoothly for all!!! Mine was a truly excellent one, maybe one of the best ones yet. Spent at Johnny Heatlie’s farm I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a world class setting and even better company. Good times. So before I wrote the first article of the year I thought I’d spill a few thoughts on 2010 and some on 2011.

2010 Introduction: Much fun was had. Conclusion: 2010 was an interesting year.

That pretty much sums it up I’d say. 2011 will be even more interesting, with a lot of new things coming up and some big changes happening. I’m definitely pretty fired up to move forward again and stop the sideways shift, in many things. Not that 2010 was bad or that I stagnated but I have more drive now than before, and I’m not really talking about paddling. Kayaking wise last year was good, even though I never left the country it was fine just to paddle locally, I also lacked a few $’s in my pockets to head out. The season started strong then died down and forecasts are that the first 2 or 3 months of winter will be dry in the Western Cape Province for 2011.

Right now, the Orange is almost at 5 000 cumecs! So it’s flooding quite nicely. The Vaal is ultra high too and sadly the police have stopped all kayaking because of one death and some rescues. I guess too many people can’t think for themselves. This is a common theme on earth and something I still struggle to come to grips with. In the immortal words of Luke Longridge, “That’s your problem Adrian, you’re trying to understand.” I always remember that, and then think I should just not even waste another moment contemplating a situation further. It’s good advice.

But I didn’t really want to talk a lot of nonsense so I’ll move along swiftly. Basically, most of South Africa has received awesome rainfall and some high volume paddles have been done lately. Down here we’re in a winter rainfall region so it’s down to surf kayaking, bodyboarding and windsurfing for me. I’m jealous of the guys up north, I won’t lie. Luckily for the south east winds in Cape Town during summer as windsurfing is something I’m extremely passionate about. In fact I’ve been windsurfing for 4 years longer than I have been kayaking, but then kayaking took over and the sailing died down. But now the last few months I’ve been sailing a lot again, which is good for me. The exercise works the shoulders differently and it’s good to take a break from paddling. Too much of anything is not usually a good thing. My mother always tries to instill the ‘moderation’ system into me, often with little effect. But I’m getting there.

So here I’ll just put up a few pictures of future articles coming up soon. As I’ll only paddle the first river down here late May/early June, so you’ll only see what was paddled last year, and then any new surf kayaking I happen to do in the meantime too.

AT waterfall 1

Adrian Tregoning, Smalblaar. Video still. There are two little missions to this drop, one of them we paddled down from here, which was, interesting. Article coming up on this.Dwars_09_August_2010_129_E1 copy

Justin Abrams on the Dwars. We had a sweet trip here. Article coming up on this.Fish_1_2_October_2010_258_E1 copy

I drove shuttle (yes, I did) for two friends at the 2010 Fish River Canoe Marathon. Took my playboat with and paddled a little. Was fun. Article coming up on this. Melkbos_30_June_2010_096_E1_CR copyCraig Rivett braved the cold water to get some pics of me at Melkbos. Article coming up on this.

Molenaars_22_August_2010_011_E1 copy

I finally got my large Detox and managed to squeeze in a few fun runs before the season ended. Photo by Scott Reinders. Article coming up on this. Palmiet_16_June_2010_054_E1 copy

Niell Taylor on a day out on the Palmiet. Article coming up on this. Palmiet_29_August_2010_175_E1 copyHmmm, took my dad rafting. It didn’t go too well. He just had the 3 pins removed from his foot on 6 January. Article coming up on this.

Witte_12_October_2010_AT_Double_Drop_SEQ copy

Adrian Tregoning on the Witte River. Photo by Leon Pieters. Always good fun, even if it was low. Article coming up on this. Witte_23_October_2010_138_E1 copy

Action from the Witte, which ended badly… including a hospital trip and hike out etc. Article coming up on this. Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_105_E1 copyI surfed some SUPER SWEET waves at Yzerfontein. Photo by Justin Abrams. Article coming up on this.

Milnerton_27_December_2010_139_E1 copy Milnerton_27_December_2010_171_E1 copy Milnerton_27_December_2010_198_E1_CR copy Milnerton_27_December_2010_213_E1_CR copy

Some windsurfing pics of me. Small waves but loads of wind. Photos by Rob Weyer. Milnerton_29_December_2010_085_E1 copy Milnerton_29_December_2010_263_E1_CR copyAnother day of sailing with Rob, these pics are of me. Again loads of wind, gusting to 50 knots and stupidly overpowered on a 4.5. Photos by Julia Johnson.

Portrait_Sunset_3_January_2011_371_E1_CRP copy

Ben Proffitt. I’m working on getting better shots. And building my legs at the same time!!! Some pics are beginning to work now though. Looking for a good cover shot now.Sunset_3_January_2011_114_E1_CR copy

Richard Potter backlooping at Sunset.  Sunset_3_January_2011_225_E1_CR copy Sunset_3_January_2011_320_E1 copyBen Proffitt at Sunset Beach. Happy days. If I’m not windsurfing, then I enjoy taking photos of it.

Well, there you go. It should be another good year, as always! I’ve got no plans to head overseas this year and more than likely won’t. There should be a house or something looming on the horizon and one or two other interesting things happening so maybe 2012 I’ll make a mission with 3 or 4 good people to go and paddle something different. I have two countries high on my list. Probably no first descents and nothing too spectacular but something I’ve always wanted to do, something away from people. As always, paddle safe, paddle smart and have fun out there. Oh, and don’t forget to take photos to remember it all! Cheers…

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250





Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.