2 or 3 weeks ago I got my large Fluid Detox. I had been eagerly anticipating this boat for ages and was chomping on the bit after seeing the medium in action recently on the Mzimvubu Team Trip in April. As the medium came out first, I had longer to wait. But as clichéd as this will sound, it was worth the wait.

First impressions were really good and I’ve had a blast in the boat. A few runs down the Molenaars River and a hike, huck and hike mission on the Dwars for the waterfall is what I’ve managed so far. Our rainy season died down almost completely midway through but things are looking a little more positive now.

What can I tell you that you wouldn’t hear from someone who’s a sponsored paddler anyway? Well, I won’t woo you with how awesome it is in a thousand different ways, although it really is, but I’ll just say it’s going to the boat I use for a lot of my paddling. Yes it has a flat hull with edges so it’s definitely not the Solo but that hull is excellent for moving about on the river and ferries are fast. The boat is quick. I would say it’s the fastest of the Fluid whitewater lineup at present. It also punches holes better than any other boat I’ve paddled and I’ve found myself trying some holes on a local run I had previously avoided – so far so good. The obviously peaked deck also makes for quick resurfacing and it won’t waddle about underwater. My experience in the boat isn’t exactly that wide at the moment but I am really enjoying it so far. No doubt I’ll hit up a multiday trip in it as soon as the weather cooperates. It seems to be able to swallow a lot of gear so I’m really looking forward to that, as that is my favourite form of paddling.

Detox_02_August_2010_008_E1_CRDetox_02_August_2010_015_E1_CRDetox_02_August_2010_016_E1_CRDetox_02_August_2010_009_E1_CR Detox_02_August_2010_010_E1_CR Detox_02_August_2010_011_E1_CR Detox_02_August_2010_012_E1_CRDetox_02_August_2010_013_E1_CR Detox_02_August_2010_014_E1_CRThe large Fluid Detox. NOTE: All Fluid boats come with outfitting in the standard grey colour. This red outfitting is not an option (at present, although it may never be). Also, green is the fourth colour the of Solo. As we know, every Fluid WW boat comes in 3 basic colours – red, yellow and orange, and then a fourth model specific colour. The fourth colour for the Detox is silver. See below. However, for an extra fee you could order your Detox in any colour you wish. I like green, in case you didn’t notice :-)

Detox silver sideThe fourth colour of the Detox is silver. This is one in a medium size.     

Dwars_09_August_2010_018_E1 copyLarge Detox lying on the railway shortly before making the blind walk carefully through the tunnel. The boat that is upright is a medium Solo, not a Detox.


Video still from a GoPro HD of me boofing on the Dwars. Image courtesy Justin Abrams. Dwars_09_August_2010_048_E1_CR Dwars_09_August_2010_049_E1_CR copy

First to run the drop I went a little vertical but all good. Photos by Leon Pieters. Dwars_09_August_2010_097_E1 copy Dwars_09_August_2010_098_E1 copy

My second run I threw a monster boof. All good, just the old neck that hurt for a few days. Photos by Leon Pieters. Dwars_09_August_2010_104_E1_CR copyStoked with my boat! Photo by Leon Pieters.

GOPR0273_E1_CR copyA fun run down the Molenaars River. This is a photo taken with a GoPro HD. Photo courtesy Justin Abrams.

Molenaars_22_August_2010_005_E1 copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_011_E1 copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_012_E1 copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_016_E1 copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_017_E1 copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_025_E1_CR copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_026_E1_CR copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_100_E1 copy Molenaars_22_August_2010_102_E1_CR copyA few shots from Sunday on the Molenaars. All photos by Scott Reinders. That’s a Sawyer Sidewinder paddle in case you’ve never seen one. Shaft is wood with a carbon sheath and the blades are a wood, carbon and glass laminate. More on them in another article…   

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Video footage that Justin Abrams took with his GoPro HD.

Specs are as follows:

Length: 215cm /7’1”
Width: 62cm /24.5””
Volume: 235l /52gal
Weight: 18kg /39lbs
Cockpit Size: 49x87 cm/ 19.25"x34.25"
Paddler weight range: 50-85kg/110-190lbs

Length: 230cm /7’6”
Width: 64cm /25.25”
Volume: 250l /66gal
Weight: 19kg /42lbs
Cockpit Size: 49x87 cm/ 19.25"x34.25"
Paddler weight range: 60-95kg/130-210lbs

Length: 245cm /8”
Width: 66 cm / 26”
Volume: 270l /71gal
Weight: 20kg /44lbs
Cockpit Size: 49x87 cm/ 19.25"x34.25"
Paddler weight range: 70-115kg/180-250lbs

As for me, I’m 6’, size UK9 (US10) shoe and about 87kg with no gear.

What the Fluid website says:

“For kayakers who want a creekboat with a playboat hull; for kayakers who want to run rivers and play on the way down; for kayakers who want an easy boat to learn to kayak - there has never been a better-suited kayak than the Detox.

The Detox hull incorporates a variation of the Nemesis rail system with super forgiving sidewalls and generous kick rocker to create an exciting but very stable ride. It boofs like no man’s business, surfs green waves like a charm, catches must-make eddies with ease, runs creeks like a creekboat, runs big volume runs like a playboat. What more can you ask for?

There is ample volume, which, combined with the peaked decks, ensures controllable surfacing when running drops. The deck profile and hull width makes the Detox super easy to roll, inspiring confidence on difficult runs. There is enough space to take overnight gear, and the full bulkhead will protect your ankles in a piton if you miss your line (not the boat’s fault of cause).

The Detox fills the gap between the Spice and the Solo series in the Fluid line-up. If the Spice is too playful for the type of rivers you want to run, and the Solo is a too full-on creeker to enjoy on easier runs, the Detox is the boat for you.”

Well, there you have it. My advice. Get one! Or else, try one from a mate, you’ll be well impressed I’m sure.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250





Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.