Earlier this season, before the rain started, there was a lovely day with zero wind and some swell. I’d been wondering how my large Fluid Detox would surf in the ocean and decided I’d take it out for a test.

Upon arrival at the beach the swell was rather disappointing. I can’t remember the details but I think the swell direction had a southerly component in it that was too great and wasn’t quite reaching the beach as I had hoped. Nevertheless I got into the water and buzzed around in the mediocre waves. The water was super clear that day and probably not a puff of wind. I had recruited my trusty mother to take photos on the beach… :-)

Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_016_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_032_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_033_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_052_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_053_E1_CR copy

Surfing Fluid Detox. Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_066_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_068_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_070_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_078_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_099_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_107_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_111_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_112_E1_CR copy

Wave wheel :) Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_115_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_120_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_139_E1_CR copyComing in to change to the composite Fluid Element.

Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_143_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_155_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_167_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_168_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_169_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_170_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_171_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_172_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_173_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_174_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_175_E1_CR copy

Another metre or so of swell would have been good. Above was about the best wave with the Element before the swell really dropped. Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_178_E1_CR copyComposite Element fun.

Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_203_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_206_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_207_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_208_E1_CR copy

Pulling out of a small close out. Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_211_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_212_E1_CR copy

Small loop. Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_214_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_238_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_241_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_252_E1_CR copy

Ah, this could have been fun on my bodyboard. Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_272_E1_CR copy Silverstroomstrand_1_March_2011_304_E1_CR copy

The Detox can actually surf, and it was quite fun. Getting out was easy, the length obviously giving it good speed. Sure, it’s not a play boat, but for some straight lining it can be done. Even a spin or two is possible, but definitely on a bigger wave as I felt too sluggish in these ones. Eventually I grabbed my Element and unfortunately the waves had dropped down within that first 45 to 60 minute session. I got one ok wave and then the rest were quite rubbish. But at least that one wave put a big smile on my face, and made me realise just how awesome the composite Fluid Element is – I had missed it, not having paddled mine for a while!

The river season has been great so far, with June having seen many trips. There will be some cool photos coming up soon.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250






Photography by: Anni Tregoning.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.