Shortly before attending the festival at the Palmiet River, Justin Abrams and I decided to camp out at Yzerfontein for a few nights and score some waves. This sleepy little town about a hundred kilometres north of Cape Town can produce some fun waves in the right conditions. The wind is always lighter here than the mother city and if Cape Town is blowing 45/50 knots then the windsurfers often drive up here where one would typically sail a full square metre larger than further south on a given day.

On the first day the waves were colossal with no way out unless you just wished to be beaten back by huge walls of whitewater. We decided rather to rig up my tent sauna until we discovered that I had stupidly forgotten the tent poles at home! A quick trip to the hardware store and I came back armed with about sixty metres of rope. With crazy skill, we managed to rig up the entire tent sauna without any poles, only rope and as mentioned, skill… Tent sauna you say? Hell yes. The idea taken from when I visited Scandinavia I just had to build one myself. I bought a second hand tent made of canvas and designed a stove made entirely from 3CR12 except for the elbows and chimney which had to be 304. This is all stainless by the way if you’re not familiar with it. 3CR12 is the cheapest form of stainless and makes the grade by definition by containing a minimum of 12 to 12.5% chromium. If you want the design, let me know, I’ll gladly e-mail you the CAD drawings. Although not perfect, I recently made a modification to the combustion chamber and it’s a lot more efficient now, although still burning wood at quite a rate. People ask me if it’s like a real sauna. Of course!!! I’ve not measured the temperature but I’m sure 80 degrees Celsius and more is what it runs at.

Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_011_E1_CREL copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_021_E1 copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_027_E1 copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_038_E1_CR copy

Big waves the first day! Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_051_E1

The tent sauna looking as ugly as possible – because I forgot the poles at home we rigged it up using rope… Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_063_E1 copy

Sunset at Yzerfontein. Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_080_E1 copyThe camp site is great in winter, loads of grass. In summer it’s pure sand pretty much, so bring a groundsheet.

Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_089_E1 copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_092_E1

The next morning the waves were much smaller but the offshore wind made for excellent conditions.  Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_104_E1_CR copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_105_E1 copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_108_E1 copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_129_E1_CR copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_172_E1_CR copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_189_E1_CR copyAdrian Tregoning enjoying the light offshore winds. Photos by Justin Abrams.

Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_190_E1 copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_202_E1 copy

Another evening camping next to the beach – just great!  Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_208_E1 copy

West Coast National Park.  Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_212_E1 copy

Lovely flowers.  Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_222_E1 copy

This spot can get really good, as we found out about 3 months later in a big swell.  Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_225_E1_CR copy Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_230_E1_CR copyTiny little dude in the road!!!

The next morning the wind was easterly. This is very rare, and also totally offshore, which is perfect. The swell was dying but we went out and scored some really cool waves. Then later Justin decided he’d man the camera and with the waves now a bit smaller I still managed to get some very good rides in the left corner. Pure heaven and a great session for sure.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250





Photography by: Adrian Tregoning unless otherwise stated. 
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.