Alrighty! I’ve got a few minutes spare while sitting in northern Zambia at the moment and thought I’d quickly post this article of two sessions I had at Melkbosstrand’s Tubewave. The water shots were by fellow Team Fluid paddler Craig Rivett and the land based shots courtesy my old man, Trevor. Thanks guys!

Here are the pics:

Melkbos_5_July_2010_016_E1_CR copy

Craig Rivett (left) and myself on the right getting a little too vertical on some small but hollow breaks up front. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. Melkbos_5_July_2010_019_E1_CR copy

Adrian Tregoning on the reef break at Melkbos. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. Melkbos_5_July_2010_023_E1_CR copy

Same place. Photo by Trevor Tregoning Melkbos_5_July_2010_032_E1_CR copyAnd heading out over the first parts which always give one a hard time until one gets to the bigger waves at the back, which are easier to handle actually as they’re usually not as hollow. Photo by Trevor Tregoning

Melkbos_5_July_2010_066_E1_CR copy

Craig Rivett with a sweet one. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. Melkbos_5_July_2010_078_E1_CR copy Melkbos_5_July_2010_086_E1_CR copy

Adrian Tregoning at Tubewave. Photo by Trevor Tregoning Melkbos_5_July_2010_087_E1 copy Melkbos_5_July_2010_088_E1 copyKaboom! Some big lurkers that afternoon. Here is me just making it. Photo by Trevor Tregoning.

Melkbos_5_July_2010_095_E1_CREL copy

Adrian Tregoning heading out. I love the background in this shot. Some of the sets punished me.. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. Melkbos_5_July_2010_102_E1_CR copy Melkbos_5_July_2010_103_E1_CR copy Melkbos_5_July_2010_108_E1_CR copy

Adrian Tregoning still at Tubewave. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. Melkbos_5_July_2010_127_E1_CR copyAdrian Tregoning enjoying a shower afterwards… Ahhh :-) Photo by Trevor Tregoning.

Melkbos_30_June_2010_027_E1_CR copy

Another session at Melkbos. This time photos by Craig Rivett of me, Adrian Tregoning.  Melkbos_30_June_2010_050_E1_CR copy Melkbos_30_June_2010_056_E1_CR copy Melkbos_30_June_2010_060_E1 copy

Close up action of me at Tubewave. Photos by Craig Rivett. Melkbos_30_June_2010_066_E1_CR copy

Heading out again in the coolest freestyle surf kayak there is – the composite Fluid Element. Photo by Craig Rivett. Melkbos_30_June_2010_069_E1_CR copy

Adrian getting through, just. Photo by Craig Rivett. Melkbos_30_June_2010_086_E1 copySelf portrait of the Riv. A must in any water shoot… At least I think so! Photo by Craig Rivett.

Melkbos_30_June_2010_093_E1_CR copy

I was trying to get a blunt next to the camera over the reef. Note the kelp in the background. HIGHLY recommended to stay upright through that stuff. Photo by Craig Rivett. Melkbos_30_June_2010_095_E1_CR copy Melkbos_30_June_2010_096_E1_CR copy Melkbos_30_June_2010_098_E1_CR copy

Heading past Craig swimming with my camera. Note the kelp in the wave face. That stuff still gives me the creeps. Just not as much these days. Photo by Craig Rivett. Melkbos_30_June_2010_102_E1_CR copy Melkbos_30_June_2010_107_E1_CR copyMelkbos_30_June_2010_108_E1_CR copyOh yeah, this is Tubewave at Melkbos. Here I am on a very sweet wave with Craig getting the goods. Note the water is usually around 12 degrees and there is often a VERY strong rip current making photos very difficult and hard work. I’ve been worked on sessions before taking photos of guys surfing. One very big day I got recycled through the system twice, taking beatings to the extent of exhaustion and being deposited back to the beach some 300m north of the my put in spot. Great job Craig, I know how hard it is to get photos in the water! Photo by Craig Rivett.

So there we go. Just a short update. Tomorrow I’m off fishing… Until my next update here, take care.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250





Photography by: Craig Rivett and Trevor Tregoning.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.