I’d been checking out Haakgat for quite a while. When it gets big and there is SE wind blowing a couple of windsurfers and kiters hit that spot and ride the left that runs just next to a patch of reef. The launch has some shore break but it’s manageable if you time it right. Once out it isn’t too hard to get to the backline, on a given day. Many times I had stood there and checked it out. No wind, but closing out right across and no ways of getting to the backline – damn. On another day, it just wouldn’t be happening, or a NW wind would totally ruin it, or too much SE wind. Or the tide would be wrong and the evil kelp would be sticking out, waiting to cane the unsuspecting kayaker. Until July this year.

Craig Rivett and I headed out scored one of my most enjoyable surfs this season. The waves were fairly slow breaking, one could get long rides, it was easy to get out again and they had a nice size. Farrah Higgs captured the action beautifully and if you look at the photos below I’m sure you’ll agree – thanks!

Haakgat_4_July_2010_023_E1 copy

Craig Rivett heading down the steep(ish) beach. Haakgat_4_July_2010_024_E1_CR copy

Adrian Tregoning stretching, probably.  Haakgat_4_July_2010_092_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_135_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_144_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_151_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_152_E1_CR copyAdrian, super fun waves!

Haakgat_4_July_2010_186_E1_CR copy

Craig giving way as I drop in. Haakgat_4_July_2010_204_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_208_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_209_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_210_E1_CR copy

Craig. Haakgat_4_July_2010_243_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_252_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_254_E1_CR copyCraig and I sharing a wave.

Haakgat_4_July_2010_296_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_319_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_323_E1_CR copy

Craig. Haakgat_4_July_2010_401_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_404_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_409_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_412_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_417_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_418_E1_CR copyAdrian.

Haakgat_4_July_2010_429_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_433_E1_CR copy

Craig on a lovely wave. Ahhhh…  Haakgat_4_July_2010_448_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_450_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_451_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_452_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_453_E1_CR copyAdrian. Haakgat_4_July_2010_460_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_461_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_462_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_463_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_464_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_465_E1_CR copyMe with a sweet wave in front of Craig. What a spot! Just a pity it’s tough to get good conditions like this.

Haakgat_4_July_2010_489_E1_CR copy

Craig with good timing coming in. No shore break. Haakgat_4_July_2010_514_E1_CR copy

There were a few surfers, not many. Haakgat_4_July_2010_522_E1_CR copy

Craig heading back for more. Haakgat_4_July_2010_524_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_525_E1_CR copyAdrian.

Haakgat_4_July_2010_527_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_528_E1_CR copy

Craig. Haakgat_4_July_2010_529_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_530_E1_CR copy

Adrian. Haakgat_4_July_2010_536_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_548_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_549_E1_CR copyCraig in the thick of it. Some of the bigger sets would close a little more, but still pretty open.

Haakgat_4_July_2010_587_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_589_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_590_E1 copy

Adrian leaving this as from here it runs onto the beach. Haakgat_4_July_2010_594_E1 copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_595_E1 copy

Craig coming in. Now you can see the reef we’re surfing in front of. But luckily it’s far enough away unless you really stuff it up. Then, remaining upright is key to avoiding get hit by the massive amounts of kelp. It will hurt.  Haakgat_4_July_2010_605_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_608_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_609_E1_CR copy Haakgat_4_July_2010_618_E1_CR copyAdrian finishing off with a lekker cutty. Great photos Farrah! Great session Craig.

That’s all for now. I’ll post some more soon! Keep surfing…

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250




Photography by: Farrah Higgs. 
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.