In June this year, Fluid Team paddler Craig Rivett was out in Cape Town visiting with his girlfriend. We hooked up for a few sessions and one mission was to Betty’s Bay. The forecast was for NW wind which limited our choices on the west coast so we drove out to the east coast to Betty’, about 100km out from Cape Town. Somehow, the waves weren’t as good as the forecast but we made the best of it anyway.

I took photos from the water with my housing while Craig surfed my composite Element – the first person to ever paddle it, apart from me. Do you lend your wife out?! :-) Another good mate, Braam Rademeyer was out knee boarding so I got some snaps of him and at the end of the session I tried it myself. Being a very keen bodyboarder I was impressed with the speed, but found it fairly challenging for the first two tries. After 3 waves I was too tired and cold to carry on anyway as taking photos had tired me out. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_017_E1_CR copy

Just to the right of Caves were some serious waves smashing into the cliffs. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_020_E1 copy

We checked out the Palmiet River too, as it’s close by. Levels were quite good actually! Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_050_E1 copy

Braam Rademeyer kneeboarding at Betty’s Bay. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_075_E1 copy

Craig Rivett on a sweet little wave at Betty’s Bay.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_077_E1_CR copy

Random surfer. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_081_E1_CR copyCraig just making it over a great barrel. I wish I had brought my bodyboard!

Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_083_E1 copy

The wave builds up fast and throws the lip… Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_084_E1 copy

…and with timing, luck and some mad skill you can get some barrel shots! :-) Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_087_E1_CR copy

Self portrait.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_094_E1_CR copy

Braam trying to climb into a little barrel.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_099_E1_CR copy

Craig again. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_118_E1 copy

Same random dude. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_119_E1_CR copy Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_130_E1_CR copy

Craig on a close out section. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_135_E1 copyBraam sweeping past again.

Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_152_E1 copy

This is the typical Betty’s Bay style of wave. But when you get a wave with a flatter shoulder you can get some very long rides and some super sick barrels.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_156_E1_CR copy

Craig over some whitewater.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_160_E1_CR copy

Half underwater shot of that random dude.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_167_E1 copy

Craig heading into what will throw the lip and barrel or punish him  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_169_E1_CR copy

Craig with what was going to a super cool entry move. Still worked anyway except he flushed.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_186_E1_CR copy

Braam too far from the camera.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_190_E1 copy

Craig Rivett showing the speed of the Element. Look at that hull. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_195_E1 copyRaymond surfing a wave while Craig looks on.

Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_198_E1 copy

Craig coming out again, while I was fishing, using myself as bait. This isn’t too far from Gansbaai, where they film a lot of Great White sharks. But no point being afraid, if it’s your time, it’s your time. Nothing you can do about it. And I think people hype them up a lot anyway. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_199_E1_CR copy

Same random dude on a very sweet wave! Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_201_E1 copy

Raymond getting something in the distance.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_209_E1_CR copy

Craig with a solid blunt.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_215_E1 copy

Looking up at Craig from below. The shark’s eye view. Hmmmm, tasty! Nom, nom, nom. Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_228_E1_CR copy

Craig heading down and towards me. I shoot at 18mm with this setup, and that cannot be changed unfortunately.  Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_235_E1 copy

Craig with helix! Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_239_E1 copy
And another! Lekker… Bettys_Bay_24_June_2010_261_E1 copyHeading home we stopped past Caves again. It was juicing. Kayaking there, unless it’s small, is a sure way to break equipment, or yourself. It’s a lot heavier at water level than it looks from high up on the road.    

After almost 2 hours the waves got smaller and I decided not to even bother kayaking at all. Craig had scored a few ok waves but they closed often too quickly. Ironically, the following days forecast was for smaller waves. Braam sms’d me the next day and said it was bigger and just way better. Hmmm… that’s life I guess. Unpredictable and nothing assured. 

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250



Photography by: Adrian Tregoning.

Words by: Adrian Tregoning.