In the beginning of this year I managed to meet up with Michael Schubert from Paderborn, Germany. He was here to do some sort of research for his studies at a hospital near to me and with him being a kayaker, we met up. Not having ever met him before, except via Facebook - it seems that’s a very handy way to network, and meet up with fellow kayakers.

Our first mission was to Noordhoek on 24 February. The forecast was for average sized waves and because Michael was getting a puncture fixed and time was limited I decided to pick him up in town and then drive down to Noordhoek beach. I had never surfed there before so we thought we’d check it out. The ‘Hoek’ as it is known with the bodyboarders, is a seriously hollow spot breaking in the northern corner of the beach. This is too hardcore for kayakers as you’ll land up on the rocks and get seriously hurt. So we went a few hundred metres south into the cold, turquoise coloured waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The water at Noordhoek is almost always this colour, especially when the South-East wind has been blowing. The waves were a lot bigger than what we thought they’d be and although they were mostly closing out we had some fun and took some big beatings.

Noordhoek_24_February_2010_019_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_032_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_033_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_050_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_054_E1 copyMichael Schubert surfing at Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa. This was the first time he had ever paddled in the sea, but of course he is an experienced river kayaker.

 Noordhoek_24_February_2010_055_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_056_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_057_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_058_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_059_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_060_E1 copyMichael surviving the shore break which was quite evil every now and then!

Noordhoek_24_February_2010_067_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_072_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_081_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_085_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_090_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_093_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_094_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_099_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_106_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_108_E1 copyAdrian Tregoning surfing around at Noordhoek. I offered for Michael to use my boat but he was enjoying the Nemesis too much. Photos by Michael Schubert.

Noordhoek_24_February_2010_115_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_118_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_126_E1 copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_131_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_132_E1_CR copy

Michael with a nice aerial blunt. Noordhoek_24_February_2010_138_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_139_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_140_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_141_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_142_E1_CR copyMichael managing some of the bigger waves that thumped through.

Noordhoek_24_February_2010_151_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_153_E1_CR copy

I decided to try my own Nemesis to do some aerial moves but the dumping nature of the waves made life very difficult. Photos by Michael Schubert. Noordhoek_24_February_2010_156_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_157_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_158_E1_CR copy Noordhoek_24_February_2010_159_E1_CR copyNoordhoek_24_February_2010_169_E1_CR copyMe still at Noordhoek, but in my Nemesis. Photos by Michael Schubert.    

Two days later we hit the surf again. This time the forecast was looking a bit better and we decided to meet up at Melkbosstrand. Tubewaves wasn’t looking great so we drove the few hundred metres north to Corner and surfed mostly off Slabbert se Klippe. There were some very big sets coming through but again, the waves were mostly closing out. Still, we had some fun and finished off the session with some beer and a good lunch.

Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_027_E1 copy

The day before our Corner session I took these photos at Tubewaves, Melkbosstrand. In case you didn’t know, I’m a very keen bodyboarder too. Damn, I love it!!!Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_047_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_048_E1 copy

Connor Eastment getting barrelled at Tubewaves. Too bad I messed up this last shot, it would have been a winner!  Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_054_E1_CR copy

Dylan Saville at Tubewaves. Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_074_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_075_E1_CR copyPeet Verreynne with some stylish DK (drop knee) bodyboarding at Tubewaves. 

Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_111_E1 copy

Off Slabbert se Klippe in Melkbos. It was juicin!!!! Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_121_E1 copy

Michael Schubert heads out to prove himself in some bigger waves.  Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_123_E1 copy

Oh yes, too bad I left my bodyboard at home that day!!! Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_125_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_126_E1_CR copyThe very rare and endangered African Black Oystercatcher. Less than 5000 birds in the world. Beautiful birds, I love watching them on the beach here at Melkbos when they’re around.

Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_132_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_133_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_134_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_135_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_136_E1 copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_137_E1 copy

Michael Schubert rides a beast. He came out very happy! Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_142_E1_CR copy

Michael at Corner.  Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_145_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_148_E1_CR copy

More of my friends buzzing around.  Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_150_E1Michael Schubert loving the waves! What a great day we had!

Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_168_E1 copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_173_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_214_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_215_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_216_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_221_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_229_E1_CR copy Melkbos_26_Corner_27_February_2010_232_E1_CR copyAdrian Tregoning getting a few waves at Corner. Great fun! Shot for the photos… Photos by Michael Schubert. 

A few days later Michael was nearing the end of his time and so I suggested a hike down the Witte River, possibly South Africa’s finest creek. Because it was March it was ultra low and makes for a good, if not strenuous hike. The water is cold and clear and this hike is known as the Rock Hopper Trail. Once you’ve done it, you’ll realise why it’s called that – there are a lot of rocks…

Witte_Hike_2_March_2010_026_E1_CRP copy

Michael climbing out of a siphon on the Witte. This is a dangerous but very fun river to kayak in winter here in Cape Town! Witte_Hike_2_March_2010_097_E1 copy

Michael diving into the pool above Pilkington Falls on the Witte River.  Witte_Hike_2_March_2010_136_E1 Witte_Hike_2_March_2010_137_E1_CRP_BW

Me being me :) Cool photos by Michael.

Witte_Hike_2_March_2010_183_E1 copyThe bottom of the gnarly rapid known as Double Drop. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos, we certainly enjoyed taking them! Michael returned back to Germany but vows to come back to Cape Town, soon. Another fan of South Africa was born :-)

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250


Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.