Last year, 27 August 2009, I hit a Thursday afternoon session at Melkbosstrand, a beach just to the north of Cape Town and managed to get my dad to take some photos of me. It was actually quite busy with loads of surfers and bodyboarders but I managed to get a few waves in between all the madness and of course a few photos. The waves were actually better than what is shown here but it was tough to snake something out, as it often is when it gets very busy. Check it out.

Melkbos_27_August 2009_004_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_009_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_010_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_017_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_038_E1_CR copyGetting something at last. Note the surfer realising I have right of way. I notice too many kayakers out there don’t know the rules. I suggest you learn them, it gives us a bad name. At Melkbos most people respect each other and things work 100%. Be smart.

Melkbos_27_August 2009_039_E1_CR2 copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_039_E1_CR copy

Carving up and out from a close out section.

Melkbos_27_August 2009_041_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_042_E1_CR copy

I just got out the way in time… Melkbos_27_August 2009_060_E1 copy

Busy, busy… Melkbos_27_August 2009_067_E1_CR copyFun wave this dude has.

Melkbos_27_August 2009_075_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_076_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_080_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_083_E1_CR copy

Not much of a ride, but oh well.Melkbos_27_August 2009_102_E1_CR copyThe first wave at Melkbos is a lot smaller than the backline but more hollow, and much more powerful. It can issue big beatings as it’s very shallow here. Bide your time and wait for the sets to pass to avoid wasting energy.

Melkbos_27_August 2009_116_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_119_E1_CR copy

     Another sweet wave. This at at the front, the smaller, more hollow ones. Great for bodyboarding! I just had a session there yesterday.

Melkbos_27_August 2009_125_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_126_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_127_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_128_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_129_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_131_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_132_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_133_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_134_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_135_E1_CR copy

Getting a somewhat better ride on this one. Still a bit frustrating.


Melkbos_27_August 2009_140_E1_CR copy

Surfer in a sweet section, getting shacked!  Melkbos_27_August 2009_149_E1_CREL copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_150_E1_CR copy

I think I did a blunt here on a close out section, but you can’t see much. Melkbos_27_August 2009_169_E1_CR copy

End of session. Melkbos_27_August 2009_181_E1 copyI’ve had better sessions. Maybe it was because I had 7 fresh stitches in my hand – see the green duct tape on my left hand? :-)

Melkbos_27_August 2009_196_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_197_E1_CR copy Melkbos_27_August 2009_198_E1_CR copyRandom dude ripping it up.   

Well that’s all for now. More coming up very soon. Surf hard!

Photography by: Trevor Tregoning.
All Words by: Adrian Tregoning.