Just before Christmas I received my composite Element. As can be imagined, I was chomping at the bit to get this thing in the water! Although the wait was long for this one, I managed to try out Andrew Pollock’s composite one a week before I got mine as he was staying with me for just over a week. Although the waves refused to cooperate we made the best of some bad situations and managed to get a few photos and had a great time doing it. I’ll let the photos and their accompanying captions do the talking.


Caves_15_Dec_2009_010_E1 copy

Getting ready at the parking lot at Caves. Caves_15_Dec_2009_031_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_032_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_033_E1_CR copy

Andrew Pollock pulling into a little one at Caves. Caves_15_Dec_2009_034_E1 copyBut the waves here are pretty hollow! Great for bodyboarding :-)


Caves_15_Dec_2009_049_E1 copy

Andrew taking off on another. Caves_15_Dec_2009_053_E1 copy

Beautiful barrel… Caves_15_Dec_2009_070_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_071_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_072_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_073_E1 copyAndrew heading past with not many options on a close out section as Braam Rademeyer gets ready to duck the large foam pile.

Caves_15_Dec_2009_092_E1 copy 

Caves_15_Dec_2009_093_E1 copy

Andrew Pollock pulling into another. Caves_15_Dec_2009_094_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_095_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_096_E1 copy

Andrew with a sweet macho move. Caves_15_Dec_2009_098_E1 copy

Andrew heading over a potentially great wave. Caves_15_Dec_2009_100_E1 copy

Looking out at Caves.  Caves_15_Dec_2009_106_E1 copyCaves. What a spot. I love it.

Caves_15_Dec_2009_109_E1_CR copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_110_E1_CR copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_111_E1 copy 

Caves_15_Dec_2009_112_E1 copy

Andrew opting for a smaller wave that ran better. Bigger waves just closed out, mostly.  Caves_15_Dec_2009_119_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_120_E1 copyAndrew on a sweet one!

    Caves_15_Dec_2009_132_E1 copy

Caves with a thin lip. Caves_15_Dec_2009_135_E1 copy

Braam Rademeyer dropping in. Caves_15_Dec_2009_163_E1_CR

Adrian Tregoning pulling in too. Photo by Braam Rademeyer. Caves_15_Dec_2009_194_E1

Me passing a really sick wave. Photo by Braam Rademeyer.  Caves_15_Dec_2009_238_E1_CR copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_239_E1_CR copyAndrew with another macho move.

Caves_15_Dec_2009_246_E1 copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_247_E1 copy

Braam getting barrelled again!  Caves_15_Dec_2009_298_E1_CR copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_299_E1_CR copy Caves_15_Dec_2009_300_E1_CR copy

Andrew cruising past again. Caves_15_Dec_2009_345_E1 copy

Parking lot at Caves. Beautiful place, as you can see. A very sharky spot though. One person has been attacked here already.  Caves_15_Dec_2009_364_E1_CR copy

Quick stop to check out the dry Palmiet River before heading home.  Caves_15_Dec_2009_370_E1 copyAndrew’s composite Element. 


Corner_18_Dec_2009_046_E1_CR copy

Adrian Tregoning at Corner, Melkbosstrand. Photo by Andrew Pollock. Corner_18_Dec_2009_054_E1 copy

Me cruising past. Andrew opted to take photos this time – shot mate! Photo by Andrew Pollock.  Corner_18_Dec_2009_055_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_056_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_057_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_058_E1 copy

Fun waves. Photo by Andrew Pollock.  Corner_18_Dec_2009_064_E1 copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_065_E1 copyAdrian again. Photo by Andrew Pollock.

Corner_18_Dec_2009_066_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_067_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_068_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_069_E1_CR copy

I was having fun on these waves! Photo by Andrew Pollock.  Corner_18_Dec_2009_074_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_075_E1_CR copy Corner_18_Dec_2009_076_E1_CR copyA bigger set sneaking in but no problem you just paddle over. Photo by Andrew Pollock.

Element_24_Dec_2009_001_E1_CREL copy Element_24_Dec_2009_002_E1_CREL copy Element_24_Dec_2009_003_E1_CREL copy Element_24_Dec_2009_004_E1_CREL copy 

Element_24_Dec_2009_005_E1_CREL copy

My composite Element the day it came, in green, of course :-) Element_24_Dec_2009_011_E2_CRSQ

Yep, it’s light! Element_24_Dec_2009_012_E1_CR copy Element_24_Dec_2009_013_E1 copy

Happy man. Just in time for Christmas.  Element_24_Dec_2009_015_E1_CRSQ copy Element_24_Dec_2009_016_E1_CRSQ copyFront and back view. Random_13_January_2010_001_E2_CR copyMy 3.2 litre V6 Quattro and my composite Fluid Element. What more can a man ask for? That’s Table Mountain in the background by the way – Cape Town, South Africa. I played a game of chess against someone online the other night and they asked me where Cape Town was… Shame… ;-)

Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_017_E1 copy

Andrew Pollock at Yzerfontein, about 60km north of Cape Town. This is actually the spot we first went to as the waves were so tiny. Unfortunately, they were also small here. This is the end of a macho move. Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_057_E1 copy

Polly carving up the monster waves we had that day. Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_066_E1_CR copy

Andrew again.  Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_068_E1_CREL copy

Underwater beauty.  Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_072_E1_CR copy

Andrew with a sweet backstab. Even on crap waves the composite Element shines. Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_087_E1_CR copy

Finishing off a backstab.Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_095_E1_CR copy

Andrew eating too much.  Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_103_E1_CR copy

Another one close to the camera. Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_108_E1 copyA shot I took from underwater. Water was a bit murky I’d say.

Yzerfontein_12_Dec_2009_152_E1 copy

Andrew Pollock happy with a Black Label beer. Ahhhhh…

Random_20_January_2010_005_E1 copy

Closing photo from Cape Town. How’s that for a sweet sunset view???!!! Let the good times roll. 


Check out this video I made:

Composite Fluid Element - January 2010 from Adrian Tregoning on Vimeo.


So there you have it. Note that my green Element is still pre-production, hence it does not have fins. But extensive testing has revealed this boat to be 100% with no problems. So production boats should be coming out to you SOON! And yes, production boats will have the same 4WFS has the plastic version.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250

Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
All Words by: Adrian Tregoning.