Karmers, Cape Town – A Super Surf Kayak Session

23 February 2009 and another session at Karmers. I borrowed a paddle, dry top and my Fluid Nemesis to Luke Longridge and took out my Fluid Element and then we were set for another great session. Louise Coney was kind enough to take all the photos in this article, thanks! It was a really good session with some great waves, just too many kitesurfers. We almost got into a fight more than once... Such a shame they think they own the water.

I’ll let the photos do the talking in this article. Enjoy it!


Luke Longridge (left) and Adrian Tregoning (right). Good times! :-)


About to head off.


Walking towards the water. Yes, seriously. That's what we're doing....Duh!


Adrian Tregoning managing to first section into a lekker cutback. Good wave! I love this spot... I consider it my 'home spot'.


Luke Longridge at the top of a good looking wave. In the background you can see land. This is Robben Island. The same place where Nelson Mandela spent so many years.... It is 7 km away.


Adrian Tregoning managing to get ahead of a breaking section in the medium Fluid Element. What a cool boat! If you haven't tried one already, then go out and demo one.... Awesome fun on a wave!


Luke Longridge (left) busting some good air, while Adrian Tregoning (right from the first photo) trying to get the action on camera (video). I was filming from my boat, chest mount - didn't quite work on this particular occasion.


Adrian Tregoning on another lekker wave. This is what makes surf kayaking SO much fun. Just look at those pictures. The feeling you get through your body is almost better than anything else I've experienced thus far on my journey through life on planet earth. It is amazing... Super, duper fun! If you're in Cape Town, give me a shout. Always keen to paddle with new people.



Photography by: Louise Coney.

All Words by: Adrian Tregoning.


Next article: I quickly slotted in this article between the other SA Road Trip 2008 articles to spice it up a bit. Next article is day 2 of the Mzimvubu trip. Don’t miss this article! I may to split it as there are just too many photos as we paddled 47km that day and it would be a crime not to share the good ones with you...