Ok, so I admit, I paddled this last year, but time has gotten the better of me and what else was I supposed to post during the dry times?! So here we go, yet another Witte River article. This season I’ll try different angles and rapids, as even I’m getting bored of the same positions – no doubt you are :-) Or maybe I should take a cup of concrete and go and run it when it’s really high. Either way I suspect I’ll be getting some fresh stuff onto my site this season from another country if all goes well so bear with me here.

What can I say about the day? To be honest it’s a bit of a blur. It was a great day out with a good man called Leon Pieters. I was in the Big Bang, him in the medium Solo. The water was low but the sun was peeking out from time to time and the afternoon just glorious! We both had really good lines that day and it felt good to be out on the river – as it always does.

Witte_30_June_2011_009_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_010_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_011_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_012_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_013_E1_CR copyMyself through a narrow spot. Photos by Leon Pieters.

Witte_30_June_2011_027_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_028_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_029_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_030_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_031_E1 copy

Leon Pieters, same gap. Witte_30_June_2011_038_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_039_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_040_E1 copy

Leon Pieters running Pilkington Falls. I went first to get the photo, was late in the afternoon, and a bit lazy to walk up for another run. Witte_30_June_2011_047_E1 copy

Leon eyeing out the siphon. Witte_30_June_2011_053_E1 copyYep, horrible piece of work.

Siphon closedVideo still from 22 October 2010. The siphon was fully blocked…

Witte_30_June_2011_061_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_062_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_063_E1_CR copy

Leon Pieters through the drop next to that siphon. Witte_30_June_2011_069_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_070_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_071_E1_CR copyMyself through the same one. You try to avoid the rock on the left, and avoid the hole on the right. Photos by Leon Pieters.

Witte_30_June_2011_077_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_078_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_082_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_083_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_084_E1 copy

Myself through Double Drop. No problem with the Big Bang :) Photos by Leon Pieters. Witte_30_June_2011_086_E1_CR

The famous log has moved. If you paddle the Witte and enter Double Drop from river left beware. I hiked the river a month ago (dry) and the log is still there. Witte_30_June_2011_094_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_096_E1 copy Witte_30_June_2011_098_E1_CR copy Witte_30_June_2011_100_E1 copyLeon Pieters also making Double Drop cleanly.

Witte_30_June_2011_103_E1 copyLeon got a lift up quite easily with some holiday makers and up he went. Once he left, I was alone for almost half an hour and only 1 or 2 cars went past, both in the other direction…

We checked out the siphon where Andrew Kellett had gone through and made certain to avoid it like the plague at other levels. Interestingly, I got some video footage of me running a line next to it from 22 October 2010 and the siphon was fully plugged. Have a look at the screenshot. This just shows how a river can change and you should always keep your eyes open. An old siphon could reopen in a place you never even knew about. Scary stuff. Thank goodness all ended well!

And finally, some bonus photos at the end of my new years, and some of the windsurfing I did at home during my week and a half holiday. Have fun, paddle safe, and all the best for 2012. I think it’s going to be a most excellent year!

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250






Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.

Yzerfontein_7_January_2012_015_E1_CR Yzerfontein_7_January_2012_022_E1_CRMyself a little underpowered on a 5.0 at Yzerfontein. Photos by Laurent Orlandini.


Myself at Sunset Beach. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. SunsetB_23_Dec_258_E1 copy copy

Happy 2012 everyone :-) SunsetB_23_Dec_333_E1 SunsetB_23_Dec_360E_E1_CRMyself at Sunset Beach. Photos by Trevor Tregoning.


My dad’s 60th birthday! He’s at the head, at the far end :) With my mom to the right. Good times! Birthday_8_January_2012_054_E1 copy

The beach from my new front door :-) Oh yeah.  NYears_31_Dec__26_E1 copy

Marius and Michelle. New years party! NYears_31_Dec__61_E1

From left: Myself, Marius, Johnny, Brendan. Photo by Michelle. New years! NYears_31_Dec__96_E1 copy

Johnny Heatlie (left) and Marius. My second new years at Johnny’s farm. They are awesome there! What a place!!! Good times, great company! NYears_31_Dec__132_E1_CR

2012. Do you see it? Photo by Michelle. NYears_31_Dec__229_E1 copy1 January 2012 I went fishing on the Hex River. Was fun, even though I didn’t catch anything.