On the 9th of June a bunch of us were able to score the Witte in glorious sunshine. Because this river has its source only about 9 or 10 kilometres upstream of where we put in, the level drops fast once the rain stops and hence one usually has an overcast run. But not on that day!

The level was not too bad, it could have been worse. The rock was sticking out by about 5 to 7cm I would guess. Not ideal, but still enough not to get stuck anywhere and have a very sweet run on this gem of a river. Our group consisted of long time Witte paddler Peter Ridgway, Ant Hoard, Abrie Swanepoel, and Fluid Team paddlers Scott Reinders, Craig Rivett and myself. Scotty was in the new medium Fluid Detox and this would be his first run down. Needless to say, he is stoked with the boat! There isn’t much else to say about the trip as we had no major incidents and the photos and their accompanying captions will tell their own story. Observe.

Witte_9_June_2010_002_E1 copy

Put in of the Witte. Craig Rivett on the left wearing shorts. And no, it’s not warm, not at all! The air was a steady 8 degrees C the whole day and the water must be around 5 degrees.  Witte_9_June_2010_015_E1 copy

Scott Reinders sliding down in the new Fluid Detox. Witte_9_June_2010_022_E1 copy

Adrian Tregoning making sure to boof to avoid pain. Photo by Ant Hoard. Witte_9_June_2010_030_E1 copy

Craig Rivett in the foreground on the lead in to a rapid I call Go Right or Die.  Witte_9_June_2010_033_E1 copy

Peter Ridgway on the rapid I call Go Right or Die. If you go left, there are 3 siphons there. It is exceptionally nasty. Be careful. One person has passed through there, somehow. I’ve scouted in summer and the passages are tight. Witte_9_June_2010_052_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_056_E1 copyAbrie Swanepoel on Go Right or Die and finishing off the slide part below it.

Witte_9_June_2010_061_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_063_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_065_E1 copy

Scott Reinders with his run of Go Right or Die.  Witte_9_June_2010_072_E1 copy

Adrian Tregoning on the end part of Go Right or Die. Photo by Ant Hoard.  Witte_9_June_2010_075_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_078_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_081_E1_CR copyAnt Hoard through the Narrow Gates further down and smiling away! Happy days for us!!!

Witte_9_June_2010_091_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_092_E1 copy

Scott Reinders cruising through too. Witte_9_June_2010_096_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_097_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_098_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_099_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_101_E1 copyAnd Abrie Swanepoel too. Fun rapid, if not a touch tricky at times :-)   

Witte_9_June_2010_105_E1 copy

Ant Hoard on Pilkington Falls.  Witte_9_June_2010_125_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_126_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_127_E1 copy
Scott Reinders and the Detox probing Pilkington.   Witte_9_June_2010_136_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_137_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_138_E1 copyAdrian Tregoning on a second run of Pilkington. Photos by Ant Hoard.

Witte_9_June_2010_144_E1 copy

Peter Ridgway easily cruising down the 30m slide. Ant calls this rapid the fastest rapid in the world. Well, it is damn fast… Ideally done upright. Witte_9_June_2010_146_E1 copy

Group shot with Ant leading the way down the 30m slide. Witte_9_June_2010_156_E1 copy

Adrian Tregoning on the entry to the 30m slide. Photo by Ant Hoard.  Witte_9_June_2010_159_E1 copyAdrian Tregoning flying down the 30m slide. Photo by Ant Hoard.

Witte_9_June_2010_167_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_169_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_170_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_171_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_172_E1 copyAdrian Tregoning with a clean run of Double Drop. I think this was my best run of this much feared rapid yet. I don’t know why people always portage it. Swimming from that bottom hole would not be so bad as it’s one of the biggest and best pools right below. Photos by Ant Hoard.

Witte_9_June_2010_181_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_184_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_186_E1 copyCraig Rivett on Double Drop.

Witte_9_June_2010_189_E1 copy

Abrie on the lead up to Double Drop. Witte_9_June_2010_198_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_199_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_200_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_201_E1 copyAbrie going for the kick flip off the lip, not. First time he’s messed up this rapid, and what a bummer we got it on camera! No swim though. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Abrie swim. Well, not yet anyway.

     Witte_9_June_2010_206_E1 copy

Scotty and his Fluid Detox. Witte_9_June_2010_218_E1 copy

Ant Hoard finishing off Double Drop. Witte_9_June_2010_222_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_223_E1 copyPeter Ridgway running the two drops of the Two Teacups just before the long slide down.

Witte_9_June_2010_231_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_235_E1 copy

Ant Hoard on the Two Teacups. Witte_9_June_2010_239_E1 copy

Ant finishing off the bottom of Two Teacups. Witte_9_June_2010_250_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_251_E1 copy

Scott Reinders at the bottom too.  Witte_9_June_2010_256_E1 copy

Craig Rivett showing the double peace sign on the slide part of Two Teacups.Witte_9_June_2010_266_E1 copyAbrie about to finish Two Teacups.

Witte_9_June_2010_273_E1 copy

Adrian in the middle of Two Teacups. Photo by Ant Hoard. Shot for all the photos Ant!!! Much appreciated!Witte_9_June_2010_288_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_290_E1 copy

Craig on the final slide. Photos by Abrie Swanepoel.  Witte_9_June_2010_293_E1 copy Witte_9_June_2010_294_E1 copyAdrian also on that final side. Photos by Abrie Swanepoel.   

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I have way more articles lined up from both the rivers and much more surf kayaking action. Take it easy…

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250



Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.