In January, I spent a week with one of my digs mates, general all round hardcore chick Kate Comrie, at her family’s amazing farm near Howick. I’d promised to teach her to kayak, and it was a steep learning curve indeed – the waterfalls section of the Umzimkulu was her 2nd river ever, and was followed by an epic 2-day down Deepdale Gorge on the Unmkomaas River at high water.

Perhaps it was too steep… But she emerged mostly smiling and seemed to have a good time. Later in the week I met up with Scott Reinders from, to run Deepdale Falls and Thrombosis Gorge. Which made for 3 classic sections of Natal whitewater in one week, and all round good times. Thanks to the Comrie family for their hospitality. Here are some photos…


Kate running her 1st waterfall, on her 2nd river.

Dsc_0939 Dsc_0943All smiles on her 2nd river trip.


Kate running her 2nd waterfall, on her 2nd river – the aptly named waterfalls section of the Umzimkulu River. Dsc_0969

Yours truly getting it horribly wrong  - this was supposed to be a freewheel… Dsc_0975

And she even went back for a 2nd attempt. Dsc_0988

The town of Comrie is just nearby. Dsc_0992The view from the front porch of the Comrie family house.


At the put-in for Deepdale Gorge. An interesting 2 days were up ahead. Dsc_0019

A dragonfly at our camp. Dsc_0027

All smiles after not dying on Deepdale Gorge. Actually she was all smiles all the way. I don’t have any photos as there was a lot of swimming and portaging going on. I said it was a steep learning curve! Dsc_0045 Dsc_0057Luke running Slot Machine, Thrombosis Gorge.


Scott running Slot Machine, Thrombosis Gorge.  Dsc_0089 Dsc_0091

Scott running Supertubes. Dsc_0117

Scott running Boof-O-Matic. Dsc_0124

Scott running Ski-Jump. (NOTE: Some people call this EOS – Element of Suprise or even Boof-O-Matic and call the drop in the picture above this Ski-Jump. Either way, they’re both great rapids – Adrian ) Dsc_0133

It’s the walk out which gives one the Thrombosis. Dsc_0137Ruby, faithfully waiting as ever. This car has taken an amazing amount of abuse, and just keeps going.


Scott clearing sheep out the way. Dsc_0159

Luke, Deepdale Falls. Dsc_0177

Scott, Deepdale Falls. His 1st time running it. Dsc_0184Another successful run of Deepdale Falls. I love this waterfall. It’s awesome.     

Thanks for the article Luke! Keep them coming - Adrian.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250

Photography: Luke Longridge.
All words: Luke Longridge.