The Ash River is well known in South Africa amongst paddlers and obviously this article is not about the first descent, however, Fluid Team paddler Luke Longridge decided that the top dam walls are indeed runnable and decided to be the first to probe.

I believe water levels were very high for this run. From my past times on the Ash I know that the second dam is actually a stepped drop. In the photos you can see it’s pretty much a single drop. Luke says the top drop is quite shallow and he hit the bottom fairly hard. So be careful if you’re thinking of doing this one. You could seal launch in between the two and run the second drop, but beware the suck back.

Dsc_0261 Dsc_0262

Luke Longridge on the top wall. The landing is shallow, he hit the bottom hard… Dsc_0263In between drops.

Dsc_0268 Dsc_0269 Dsc_0270 Dsc_0271 Dsc_0274 Dsc_0283Luke Longridge claiming the next drop as well and escaping the suck back… Excellent work!!! All photos by Scott Alexander.

Right, there we go! Nice one Luke!!! More articles coming up later this week, stay tuned.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250

Photography by: Scott Alexander.
Paddler: Luke Longridge.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.