The Vaal River, Gatsien

Gatsien is one of South Africa’s few ‘park and play’ spots and very close to the town of Parys. Below follows a few pictures of the spot at a few different water levels. Anywhere from forty to fifty cumecs, the wave at the bottom on river left begins to form and this is what the pictures represent. There is little hole on the right and further upstream and some fun can be had in this narrow little cleft at lower levels but is not shown in this article.


Hugh du Preez skillfully working the wave at probably just a little less than 50 cumecs.

Around 65 cumecs.

Kallie Z surfing. (±65)

Phillip Claassens (±65)

The view upstream (±65)

An aerial shot of the play spot (±65)

Forward loop in a beautifully factory customised Fluid Flirt. (±65)

Adrian Vroom in the late afternoon (±65)

Afternoon relaxation.

Another day, another session.

The wave at about 200 cumecs.

The wave at about 400 cumecs.

Gatsien rapid at about 400 cumecs.

Adrian surfing (±400)

Phillip Claassens (±400)


BY: Adrian T.

Photography by: Adrian Tregoning

This is not really meant as a guide, so don't blame me for any errors. If you'd like add your own description of this spot then please contact me. Thank you.