Fluid Nemesis (medium) – First Time on the Water


Brendan Bosman and I picked up our medium Nemesis’ on Saturday morning and headed directly to the Vaal River. The river was VERY LOW as it has been several months since we’ve had a drop of rain and they only release the bare minimum from the dam upstream. But we were determined to make the best of some bad conditions.

The usual little chute known as Gatsien’s Chute was hardly even working and we had to paddle in from the left (surfers left) which is very unusual. Once on the hole it was barely retentive enough for some flat spins and cartwheels and not much fun at these super low levels. So you’re not going to see very good action photos. The aim of this short article is just to show you the photos of the brand new Fluid Nemesis, in the medium size and of course Fluid’s new orange colour. I’m certain what they’re going to call it but their supplier calls it ‘tropicana’. Either way it is way better than the old orange and I’m sure just looking at this boat will make you want to go out and get one.


Remember, all Fluid boats come in red, orange (this new orange) and yellow and then a fourth colour which is model specific. The fourth colour for the Nemesis is a kind of a dark pink/dark magenta. It’s not only for the ladies and I’m sure there will be many guys out there putting an order in for one. I should have taken some pictures of the new colour but I’m sure you’ll see it pretty soon.


The wait has been long for the final production models to reach the public but it’s always worth it. If you don’t know by now, Celliers will never release a boat if it’s not perfect… Check it out:


Brendan in his red Nemesis, next to my orange one.


Brendan making the best of the poor conditions.


Adrian in Gatsien's Chute. Recovering from the shoulder injury has taken more than two months now and I was super careful not to injure it again! Photos by Cheri Collett.


The medium Nemesis in the new 'tropicana' orange.


Adrian in the Nemesis. Photos by Cheri Collett.


Adrian - the Nemesis is very easy to throw around on flat water too. Loops and cartwheels are super easy! I'll post some loop pictures next week here. The old shoulder feeling a lot better now but still taking is easy. In case you're wondering how the boat sits in the water to my weight, I'm 85kg (no clothes/gear) and 6' tall. When I have paddled this boat for a few weeks on some decent water I will post a proper review... Photos by Cheri Collett.


Adrian (left) in the medium Nemesis and Hugh du Preez in his large Nemesis (prototype).


(When we get some rain/floods, I'll post some much better pics - otherwise stay tuned for the Zambezi or Nile coming up soon...)


Photography by: Adrian Tregoning, unless otherwise stated.

Words by: Adrian Tregoning.