Fluid Kayaks – New Whitewater and Recreational Boats!

Since their startup in 2002, Fluid has grown considerably from humble beginnings to where they are now. Celliers has been ultra busy this year devising all sorts of new boats both for whitewater and the recreational market. This short article is just to whet your appetite a bit and to show you what you can get your hands on in 2010. Check it out!

Composite Element





Yes, Fluids ‘freestyle surf kayak’ is now available in a composite. It is also now made in a large size as well – composite only, not plastic. This is for the bigger beasts out there, but it is also longer, so more speed. The width is the same as the medium though so medium sized paddlers can still style in the large if they’re looking for more speed. It still has the same 4WFS (4 Way Fin System) as the plastic version. The seat will also be composite and based on the new Mod3 outfitting which Fluid has introduced into all their whitewater boats. Available in 5 colours - red, orange, yellow, blue and white. I personally cannot (although have been forced) to wait for this one… Looks like I’ll get mine in less than 2 weeks time. Naturally, I will report back as soon as I’ve had the chance get it wet on my site, and also on the Playak.com forums. Stay tuned.

Composite Nemesis




Looking for perhaps the ultimate play boat? Check out the composite Nemesis then. Super stiff and light, and its available in 4 sizes. A small, a small/medium, a medium, and a large size. The composite Nemesis is available in the same 5 colours as the composite Element. Exciting stuff!






A creek boat will a play boat hull, using the same rail system as the Nemesis. This one fits between the Spice and the Solo. So the Detox fits the description of ‘river running creek boat’, while the Solo is still THE creek boat, of course. This boat is also one I’m looking forward to. It will definitely fill the gap for many people, beginners or expert. I can’t wait to try this one out on some big volume rivers. Oh yes, it’s also available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. The fourth colour is silver. As you should know, all Fluid boats come in 3 basic colours – red, orange and yellow. Then there is a fourth model specific colour and its silver for the Detox, purple for the Spice, green for the Solo etc. Did I mention that you can now also have ANY Fluid boat in ANY colour? Well, you can. You will need to preorder it, and you will have to pay a little more. So if the standard colours don’t do it for you, then you can get that Fluid Spice in white, or whatever you want, really.




Same boat, just a new green. Looks cool, doesn't it? :-) I love my green boats!!!!


New pillar with the new outfitting. More on that further down....


A Solo in silver. This is the 4th colour for the Detox. But for an extra fee you can have any Fluid boat in any of their colours which they manufacture in.


Ok, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. No changes, just a new logo and a new green colour to replace the old green. Looks pretty cool… I guess all my boats will be green now. Hahaha.


Mod3 Outfitting


A Solo with the new Mod3 outfitting.


The new Mod3 outfitting. Strong, comfy, simple - just awesome!


From the catalogue.


All the Fluid kayaks will now have this awesome outfitting. Let me explain it in my standard Adrian Tregoning method. It has a big flat(ish) plank type thing that looks like a skateboard. This supports the hull and prevents oil canning and makes the boat stiffer. There is a cradle which connects to this skateboard deck (they officially call it the spine) and this cradle goes up on the sides (holds the hip pads too) and connects to the boat. The seat sits on top of this skateboard (or spine, you choose) and is ultra easy to adjust – 2 thumb screws, that’s it. Amazingly, you don’t need any tools, just your thumbs, and probably your other fingers too if you’re not that good, easy as pie. You can also put in a different size seat should you buttocks be larger or smaller than what your boat comes with. Simply put, this outfitting is bloody good, and damn strong. Obviously it’s also more supportive and comfortable and all those wonderful things. Don’t believe me, just try it out for yourself. One last thing, if you feel the need to change your current outfitting, then you can order this new outfitting (and pay, naturally) and throw it in. It will fit.






A plastic slalom boat that complies to full ICF regulations and can be used in ICF sanctioned slalom competitions. Pretty handy for training in places where your fiberglass boat can get damaged. Of course you can also just head off downstream with speed and enjoy this boat as a normal whitewater boat. Good practice I guess.






Right, this boat has been around for several months now, maybe the whole year, I can’t remember, but I’ll quickly tell you about it anyway. It’s a 265cm sit on top kayak for 1 person. You can fish on it, sun tan on it, drink beer on it and even surf ocean waves. It has a cool little hatch to store your beer, er, fishing equipment in and another excellent feature is the little seat in front the kayaker for a small child. No excuses to leave the little one behind now. This is shorter than Fluid’s other 1 seater, the Chumani.






A full on fishing kayak, 425cm long. It has a large centre hatch to store your gear and hopefully the big lurkers you manage to haul from the depths too. It will have all the bells and whistles and there is no doubt that our South African coast line will be riddled with these beasts soon. If fishing is not your thing, then you can obviously use this for a variety of other purposes such as sun tanning, bird watching, drinking beer, touring etc. You can load up to 220kg into, or onto this kayak, so this means you can either catch a lot of fish, or drink a lot of beer - I guess bird books can be heavy too. A very cool boat, long, fast and stable. What more can a man (or woman) want?







Allow me to save the second best for last. (The beautiful composite Element  I put up first, for first place.) From the catalogue, I quote: “The Locomotion is Fluid’s revolutionary answer to that old, old question – single or double?” What was that? Ok, let me explain. You buy one Locomotion, but then fall in love with the girl next door, soon she wants to join you on the water. Do you, A) sell your Locomotion and buy a Fluid Synergy? (this is Fluid’s 2 seater sit on top kayak) or B) fall out of love? No, you take C. Buy another Locomotion and attach it to the back of your current one. This is brilliant stuff!!!! Have a look at the photos to see what I mean. You can even add a third, should your love extend to marriage and consequently children. Now you can have 3 kayaks, and paddle all 3 separately, or, paddle 1 separately and join the 2, or join all 3. No other company has done this before, but, I can bet my bottom dollar (or measly South African Rand truth be told) that by next year this time we’ll have a bunch of copy cats roaming the streets. So yes, Fluid is out there, building and designing some wonderful creations for people to have fun on. You saw it first from Fluid!


Well, that’s it from me. I trust you found this article useful! For more information, click on the Fluid logo below to head to their website and secure your next toy immediately!!!!



Photographs courtesy Fluid Kayaks.

All Words by: Adrian Tregoning.