January 2009 – Surf Kayaking in Cape Town

This is a collection of the few surf kayaking sessions that we’ve photographed. For sure there have been much better waves, with less wind, but capturing photos of really good waves is not easy as its way more fun being in the water than peering through the lens back on the beach! This article shows shots of only January on three different occasions at three different locations:

Witsand 8 January 2009

Platboom 24 January 2009

Melkbos 28 January 2009

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Sunset Beach Session in the Element!

This session was captured last year October and unfortunately finding willing photographers is like recruiting for a war! It’s such a shame that more surf kayaking sessions aren’t captured on camera. I’ve managed to score waves way better than what is shown here but this year I vow to get far more action captured on still photos and of course, video. I’ve also got my eye on a couple of breaks, or should that be ‘breaks’?

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The Awesome Waves of Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town – the second most populated city in South Africa and a major hotspot for tourists. It is truly a beautiful city that offers a hell of a lot within a 100km radius. It also offers a massive choice in terms of surf spots, probably more than any other city on earth. No matter what the wind or swell direction, there is always a good break, somewhere. Naturally local knowledge is needed to make the best of your days but if you can’t get it together, there’s always something else to do. In the end, you can’t lose. Winter time is the ideal time for swell, as well as rain. So then it’s kayaking time for everyone as they make the best of the great conditions while most normal ‘Capetonians’ hibernate. All 3.5 million of them it seems! Summer time the temperature rises, the rain stops completely and the South East trade wind begins to blow, hard. As a windsurfer, you’ll find me wave sailing at my favourite spot, Sunset Beach during the windiest months – November and December. I’ve been sailing there a few years during my holiday times when I wasn’t living here and the conditions are world class. It attracts many professional sailors who flock here in large numbers to take advantage. Cape Town, it’s a good place to be.

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