Fluid’s new medium Solo


Fluid’s medium Solo only recently came into production. Neil O’Leary had just acquired one of the first production boats in South Africa, so when we paddled the Olifants together I thought I’d take the opportunity to take a few photos of his boat on its first day out. The yellow beast certainly looked incredible and Neil couldn’t say a bad thing about the boat.

So in this article you’ll just find a couple of pictures of the medium as well as some comparison shots next to my large Solo, in green. They aren’t picture perfect photos and you can surely appreciate a little bit of perspective in the photos but I think you’ll get the picture.


The medium compliments the range of Solos to slot in between the small and the large. And in case you didn’t know, the large is available with or without a hatch and the hatched model in known as the Expedition Solo. It also has the same plastic pillars as the other Solo’s and the same outfitting. Have a look at my review of the large to get a better feel for the outfitting by clicking HERE. Enjoy the pictures!


Side view.


Front view. The black spots on the nose are insects from the drive down.


Rear view.


A couple of more views.


Neil O'Leary on the Olifants River. Neil is quite tall, around 6'2" I think, and he has loads of room to spare.


Front view. Large Solo (left), medium Solo (right).


Rear view. Medium Solo (left), large Solo (right).


Large Solo (top), medium Solo (bottom).


Medium Solo (left), large Solo (right).


Medium Solo (left), large Solo (right).


Stats from the Fluid site for the medium Solo:


Length: 233 cm / 7'7"
Width: 64 cm / 25.25"
Volume: 265 liters / 71 gal
Weight: 18.5 kg / 40 lbs
Cockpit size: 49x87 cm / 19.25" x 34.25"
Paddler weight range: 55-115 kg / 120-250 lbs




Photography by: Adrian Tregoning.

Words by: Adrian Tregoning.