Derde Steen – Wave Wheeling and Blunting

This isn’t really an article as such, just a collection of cool photos which Niell Taylor took of me. I bought a waterproof housing for my Nikon D80 and here are some examples of what it can do. Nicely taken Niell! Derde Steen is a really fun spot to hit when there isn’t wind. Some of these photos were shown in the review I did on the medium Fluid Spice which can be seen under the ‘articles’ section of my website.

As I placed the first photo, I realised I uploaded all 48 still 600 pixels wide. I always uploaded 500 pixels wide because otherwise it breaks the template on the site, as can be seen if you look up and notice those rectangular bars. I'm sure you don't mind as most people always want bigger pictures! Oh well, here goes....


Adrian Tregoning ready for another tough session ;-) All of these photos are by Niell Taylor.


The top of my boat from a wavewheel.


Paddling out past Niell as he kicked out towards the backline. Swem Jannie, swem :-)




Paddling out through a small wave.


Fisher King.


Self portrait Niell took of himself drowing. Ok, no not really but it fooled you for a second, didn't it? Ok, enough crap from me, it's an excellent photo, and I couldn't not post it!


Cool aerial blunt sequence.


Idling. Somehow, I remained in focus while the rest is blurry. Lekker Niell, lekker! This season we are going to show water shots of the composite Element for your viewing pleasure, and some bodyboarding shots too, for good measure!


Dropping into a small wave. That's Table Mountain in the background in the top right. In Cape Town, South Africa, in case you weren't familiar with this site :-)


Wave wheel. Really easy, and always quite fun. The bigger and steeper the waves, the more air you can get.


A small aerial blunt. Hardly aerial, but some clear pics showing how to get up a bit :-) Did I mention this is the medium Fluid Spice? No I don't think so. Well, it is..... For all those that stupidly say it's a beginners boat only. Wrong - everyone can enjoy it!


Another wave wheel sequence, this time from close up. By the way, once the camera is in the housing, you cannot change focal length - zoom for those less techically inclined. You just snap away.


Another wave wheel, this time against the sun.


Cruising on by...


Always an active blade in the water, and never give up ;-)


Blunting on a small wave.


Coming in on a right.


Adrian Tregoning beginning to get tired after a long session. Look at that sandy beach, gotta love South Africa!


Jislaaik it, another aerial blunt. Pity I was so far away from the camera.


Coming into the shore break and throwing the dreaded peace sign ;-) Luckily this wave wasn't breaking on the sand. Have a look at the photos below. Although taken on a different day, Derde Steen's shore break can get insane!!!!!!


Adrian Tregoning after a lekker session. Very lekker. Shot for the photos Niell, sterling job Captain!


Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Well, probably not. Till later...



Photography by: Niell Taylor.

All Words by: Adrian Tregoning.


Next article: The articles that follow will be a mix from the Sumatra trip, as well as what I’ve been up to in the last few months. Stayed tuned though!  


Derde Steen on a different day, showing it's rather massive shore break. These photos are dedicated to Luke Longridge who has some memories of this shore break, luckily not at this size...