Betty’s Bay – Hollow Perfection

The weekend of 25 and 26 April 2009 was an early season river mission. There was water in the Palmiet but not much. Rowan’s parents had rented a cool house overlooking the sea in Kleinmond and as I was lucky enough to be invited with. I can’t even remember if we paddled the river but I know the waves were pretty decent so we drove down to Betty’s Bay on the Saturday for some action and decided to leave the river, or did we?

As I only had the Fluid Nemesis (Element was at home…) I couldn’t only hope to get some air and take a beating every now and then. At first the waves were really cooking and after watching some guys get eaten it was time for me to go in. Braam Rademeyer was out in his bodyboarding getting barreled and ripping it up, I regretted having left my bodyboard at home! Feeling moderately nervous about this ultra hollow wave I headed out with some trepidation. Hollow waves don’t need to be that big to issue some serious justice. It doesn’t take much to be flattened onto the ocean bottom during a wipe out. With that in mind I headed out and managed to actually have a super session with Rowan behind the lens. Later Rowan joined me and by then the waves had dropped down a notch. The next day Braam came out again to get a few photos of us but the waves were way smaller. Good times though. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Just before Rooi Els.


Heading towards Betty's Bay.


The view from the house in Kleinmond.


Betty's Bay.


Braam Rademeyer about to head into a close out section.


Are they all close outs? Hell no. Pick your wave, enjoy... Who needs to go overseas for good waves? Welcome to the Western Cape, bru.


Betty's Bay, it was cooking that day...


Braam Rademeyer still going at it. Lekker!


Adrian Tregoning about to head in. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


Adrian landing something. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


A random surfer waiting for the best one. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


Adrian waiting for the one. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


Good old Betty's. When the waves gets big, this place gets insane. Definitely not for kayaking then.


Adrian with a fun sequence, but the camera missing the money shot. Still good though! Photos by Rowan Walpole.


Adrian going up. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


Adrian between set waves. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


Adrian finishing on another wave. Photo by Rowan Walpole.


Adrian the following day, a lot smaller. Photos by Braam Rademeyer.


Chilling out at the beach house. Lekker....


Rowan Walpole stalking past the camera.


Driving home again. What a beautiful road this is... Ah, the corners :-)


The coastal road on the way home.


Koeël Bay. Looking very nice indeed, although with tiny little waves.


Looking down at Caves. The smallest waves I've ever seen there, usually this place rocks!!!


Below are a few more bonus photos! I’ve got a waterproof housing for my digital SLR so stand by for the money shots…

Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.

All Words by: Adrian Tregoning.


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Early morning from my house.


Derde Steen that morning. It was overcast, hence the bad light and the first time I had ever taken photos with a waterproof housing from the water. Not as easy as it looks!!!!


Self portrait :-)


He carved around me onto the flats.


Derde Steen, I love this wave!!!! Note Table Mountain in the background. In case this wasn't obvious, all the photos here are from Cape Town, South Africa.


Derde Steen has fun barrels. The bodyboarding here can get really good! This photo was difficult to take and took many attempts...


Another barrel. Note the dude in the background, waist deep. This shorebreak is awesome fun.


More Derde Steen action. Derde Steen is Afrikaans for Third Stone. See, you do learn something new everyday ;-)


Bodyboarder in a barrel. What a feeling that is.


More action from the shorebreak at a low tide at Derde Steen.


The meatier sections of Derde Steen - there are several options here depending on the swell, wind and sandbanks at a given time.


A bodyboarder at another good wave - Tubewaves at Melkbos.


A surfer hitting the lip at Melkbos. Not a great day for Melkbos, but ok. This place gets really good and still works in a SE wind, whereas Derde Steen will be horrible then.


A surfer tucking in deep at Melkbosstrand. This is Afrikaans, directly translated, to Milk Bush Beach. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? These places only have one name though and no English version exists.


Ok, so not exactly in focus, but I like the style of this dude.


Last one from Melkbos! Till later, cheers =)