I won’t even begin another article by complaining about the lack of water, so I’ll just state again that this season sucked - thank you climate change. Let me also state that this November was probably the chilliest I’ve experienced since moving to Cape Town in 2008 and today is the 11th of December and I’m wearing a jersey, and yes, it even rained this morning. Our weather has definitely gone bonkers… It should be hot, very windy, and dry as hell. At least I’ve managed a few blistering windsurfing sessions so far, with waves to boot. Right, moving on.

During this year well known extreme kayaker Thilo Schmitt was in Cape Town doing some practical work for his final part of his studies as a medical doctor. He’s a really good paddler and a super nice guy. While he was here we managed a few surfing sessions (surfing, not kayak surfing) while I bodyboarded or surf kayaked and apart from some failed missions to Witsand the rest was pretty cool :-) Unfortunately the river gods didn’t react to our prayers for rain and all we got was a low level Palmiet at the annual Gravity Adventure Festival and this show of photos from the Molenaars. Thilo offered to get a few snaps of me even though conditions were pretty low and boring. But hey, at least the sun was shining and the company good.

Molenaars_3_September_2011_002_E1_CR copy

Thilo checking out the pretty mountains :) Molenaars_3_September_2011_003_E1_CR copy

Yes, even sunny South Africa can get snow. Granted only a little, but still. Molenaars_3_September_2011_005_E1 copy

Thilo Schmitt about to set off on a miserably low Molenaars. Molenaars_3_September_2011_009_E1 copy

Me, Hotel Rapid. We’d need a metre more water for it to be really good. Once it goes over that square rock next to me things get interesting. Photo by Thilo Schmitt. Molenaars_3_September_2011_019_E1_CR copy Molenaars_3_September_2011_024_E1_CR copyRandomly further down. Photo by Thilo Schmitt.

Molenaars_3_September_2011_027_E1 copy

And another spot. Photo by Thilo Schmitt. Molenaars_3_September_2011_038_E1 copy

Final rapid, not very exciting at very low level like this. Photo by Thilo Schmitt. Molenaars_3_September_2011_039_E1 copy Molenaars_3_September_2011_040_E1 copy

Last bit of the final rapid. Photo by Thilo Schmitt. Molenaars_3_September_2011_045_E1_CR copyAnd the last bit. Photo by Thilo Schmitt.

Tygerberg_zoo_25_August_2011_006_E1_CR copyAnother day, also the final drop. Photo by Karen van der Westhuizen. Again, we had very low water…

So there you have it. Sorry I can’t wow you with anything more exciting. 2012 will definitely hold a few exciting tricks up the sleeve :-) I will post again before the year ends. Enjoy the remaining days at work… I leave you with a few shots of what I’ve been up to, apart from kayaking. Scroll down.

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250






Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.

Ben_Thomas_27_28_August_2011_052_E1 copy

Sleeping over on top of Ben Thomas. Ben_Thomas_27_28_August_2011_058_E1 copy

Johnny Heatlie in the freezing cold on top of Ben Thomas. Good times were had!!! Johnny is even a father now! Congrats mate!!!!!!! DSC_1190_E1_CR copy

My cat, Cameo. Ducklings_11_October_2011_014_E1_CR copy

Little mallard duckling at work. Hike_19_July_2011_030_E1_CR copy

Lesser doublecollared sunbird Karmers_20_June_2011_screenshot_01_E1 copy Karmers_20_June_2011_screenshot_02_E1 copy

Craig Rivett tearing it up in his new composite Fluid Element. Screenshot from GoPro HD footage. Langebaan_24_July_2011_195_E1_CR

Me bodydragging at Kraalbaai. Photo by Rob Weyer. melkbos11May2011_002_E1 copymelkbos11May2011_005_E1 copyMe bodyboarding early morning at Melkbos. Screenshots from GoPro HD video.

Melkbos_3_Dec_295_E1_CREL copy

Last Saturday the waves were pretty solid. I took one particular beating which resulted in a 10 minute swim… Cold times :) Melkbos_23_July_2011_051_E1 copy

Melkbos, just after I scored some amazing waves bodyboarding. Middletuin_4_5_6_November_2011_057_E1_CRSQ

My personal best for bass. Photo by Abrie Swanepoel.  Middletuin_4_5_6_November_2011_070_E1Abrie (left), myself in the middle and Niell on the right. Awesome times, with awesome people…

Namibia_April_2011_146_E1 copy Namibia_April_2011_149_E1_CR copy

The jetty in Swakopmund, Namibia. This was in April this year. HDR photos BTW. Namibia_April_2011_315_E1 copy

The dunes in Namibia.  Owls_2_November_2011_051_E1_CRP_BW_EYES_C copy

Spotted eagle owl near by house. Owls_2_November_2011_067_E1_CR copy

Helmeted guineafowl.  Owls_10_November_2011_027_E1_CR copy Owls_10_November_2011_060_E1_CR copy

Immature spotted eagle owls. They are almost fully grown now. Cute little buggers then. Random_June_2011_003 copy

Sunrise from my house one morning. Tygerberg_12_November_2011_061_E1_CR copyTortoise in the Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

Tygerberg_zoo_25_August_2011_077_E1_CR_BW copy Tygerberg_zoo_25_August_2011_117_E1_BW copy

Two sad shots of a chimp in a zoo. Wedding_22_October_2011_007_E1 copy

Hike in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve.  Wedding_22_October_2011_034_E1_CR copy

Braam and Shaneil got married!!! Awesome times here for everyone! Zambia_13_February_2011_017_E1 copy

Grass, in Zambia. This trip was in February. Zambia_13_February_2011_020_E1 copy

No swimming… :-) Zambia_16_February_2011_011_E1_CR

Myself, at the chess board, again. Zambia_final_days_February_2011_058_E1_BW copyA young Zambian selling earthworms.

Zambia_final_days_February_2011_063_E1_CR copy

Just outside the park. Zambia_final_days_February_2011_143_E1

Nsobe Game Park. Zambia_final_days_February_2011_158_E1 copy Zambia_final_days_February_2011_160_E1_CR copy

Lovely place to chill. I tried some fishing too, wasn’t a success.  Zambia_final_days_February_2011_172_E1_BW copy Zambia_final_days_February_2011_223_E1_CR copy

Crawshay’s Defassa Waterbuck. Zambia_final_days_February_2011_249_E1 copy

Termites in Zambia. They must be hard up in there :-) Zambia_final_days_February_2011_274_E1_CR copyPuku!