A winter trip on the Upper Sabie


On the weekend of the 6th of August 2006 a group of rain starved paddlers gathered in the Sabie Valley in search of some fun. With almost no rain for a while now most of us were feeling pretty desperate and definitely showing withdrawal symptoms. The Sabie was low but still had enough water to satisfy the craving. At least for a little while.


The put in.


We drove over the bridge which is the standard put in for the U2 and made our way further downstream via some Sappi roads. This was to eliminate some of the flatter sections. The trip turned out to be really good and worth the drive from Joburg. In this little ‘trip report’. I have mainly included a couple of sequences which wouldn’t have been that effective if put in with the other pictures in the gallery. Enjoy.


Hugh du Preez running a dodgy double drop rather painfully looking. (U2)



Oates on the double drop below the big slide. (U2)



Hugh du Preez. (U2) There is a big siphon on river left in the first photo, going underneath the rock on the right hand side of the picture.

The rapid following the above photos…



Hugh du Preez ending this rapid in his traditional spot just for old time sake. (U2)

Overall a very fun and enjoyable trip. We ended our paddle on the U1 at siphon falls and walked up to a road where our driver kindly picked us up. A big thanks to Hugh du Preez from Whitewater Training and Jaco (and his wife J) and Oates from Induna Adventures for making this trip possible and to all the other people that added to the enjoyment of it too…


The drive home was filled with awesome scenery…

BY: Adrian T.

Photography by: Adrian T




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