Fluid Nemesis Final Prototypes


So at last the final prototypes are complete. This weekend we were lucky to have a wee bit of water on the Vaal and made good use the opportunity. A fairly large crowd arrived and later on Hugh du Preez and Craig Eksteen from Whitewater Training arrived with their flotilla of beginner paddlers and also the new Fluid Nemesis boats, one in large (red) and one small (yellow).

We were lucky enough to give these a try and although conditions were far from ideal a reasonable perspective could be obtained. I only tried out the small and must say, for such a tiny boat it was awesome. I couldn’t believe how stable this boat was on end and how loose it was. Think I’ll be ordering myself a medium pretty soon… Try one for yourself, highly recommended. The large and small moulds are done and the medium mould should be complete very soon. Production should start pretty soon. It seems an eternity to wait for these boats but I guess they have got to be right before they reach! In the meantime, enjoy these photos. Sorry it couldn't be Lyon or Bus Easter type spots but I guess it's from the people to the people.


Please note: the black ring around the cockpit is common to prototypes and obviously the production boats will not look like this. The cockpit rim would be a part of the boat itself in a production boat. Enjoy!


Adrian T in the small Nemesis. The boat is pretty narrow and at 6 foot and about 85kg is pretty small but I managed to comfortably climb in.


The small Nemesis. Changes may occur on production boats..


Hugh du Preez, the gentle giant at 6 foot 6 and over 100kg's in the large Nemesis making it look easy, as usual.


Hugh du Preez in the large Nemesis.


Brendan Bosman in the small Nemesis.



By: Adrian T.

Photos courtesy: Adrian T and taken by Adrian and Neil O’Leary. Thanks Neil.