Dream shopping for a South African?

I thought I might share this little one with my fellow South Africans. To the other readers out there (which are mainly from non-African continents), this may be nothing new. But non-the-less, we all enjoy shopping for our favorite past time so why not have a look at something new anyway.


On my little mission through the UK I decided I’ll part with some hard earned pennies and made a turn through Cardiff in the southern part of Wales.


From the backpackers near the huge stadium, I took a long walk to Up and Under in order to see what they would have to offer. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. We are not that far behind here but the vast amount of kit and the variety impressed me.


If you can’t go and visit personally, then jump on the net and order it online. Just be careful, your money will vanish quicker than you can imagine…



The long walk back, laden down with new toys, and the incessant snowing, was not enough to dampen my spirits. Another satisfied customer. And who says men don’t enjoy shopping J

(The pictures here only show a few angles. There is much more to this shop and downstairs is even bigger and packed with all kinds of climbing and camping gear.)

BY: Adrian T.


Photography by: Adrian T.