So, a lot of people have been making noise about the ridiculously awesome composite Fluid Element, which is now available. But there is also a composite version of the Nemesis, which is just as awesome. This isn’t a boat for low volume, rocky rivers, but if you live near a big-water river, then this is your boat. I’ve had the pleasure of paddling one on the Vaal River, which has experienced record floods this year, and it is truly an amazing boat. It blunts bigger, does crisp, easy flip-turns and helixes easily. In fact, it make playboating so effortless I don’t know why I haven’t always been paddling a composite. Pity the Vaal isn’t always this full.

Here are some photos of an afternoon session at Gatsien rapid…

Copy of DSC_0045

Cartwheel. Copy of DSC_0058

Rob Chrichton joined me – 1st time ever in a playboat on a wave, and he styled. Copy of DSC_0131

Nice big spray from a flip turn. Dsc_0095 Dsc_0096

Flip turn. I can’t do flip turns in my regular Nemesis on this wave. Dsc_0125Dsc_0126

Back stab.


Another flip turn. They are just so easy in this boat. Dsc_0140 Dsc_0194 Dsc_0217

Donkey flip. Dsc_0262

Another donkey flip. Dsc_0341

Throwing some ends, which come a lot faster than usual. Dsc_0491 Dsc_0505

More ends. Dsc_0557

Fluid. Who else? Dsc_0563Just look at those sexy edges…  

Thanks Luke!!

White Fluid Name deep etched with white inside copy_250


All words: Luke Longridge